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The Ideal Pawn Shop was very honest and helpful! I was able to sell my wedding jewelry with ease , and be brought into new beginnings. Thankful for this shop! Ben was very helpful. :)) Side note- they have some amazing antique clocks! I would recommend them!

Catie T


This place was a blessing to me my kid was leaving for the military on Monday and I wanted to take him out one last time and my payday wasn’t until Tuesday of next week these gentleman worked with me and provided me the necessary funds to be able to take my kid out one last time I wanted to cry so bad but held my composure if you are in a bind and need a helping hand (loan) please visit ideal pawn where empathy and acknowledgment and customer service is A-1😊Thank you for allowing me to take my kid out one last time in Atlanta before he embarks on his new life journey forever grateful!!

Sheree C


Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Allen and Ben made sure I was taken care of swift pain free. I came in and sold what I needed to sell and on my way! I look forward to seeing you guys soon!!

Demarre F

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